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The Health Benefits of Sleep for Senior Citizens


Are you getting enough sleep? Did you know that not sleeping regularly and long enough can have serious and adverse effects on your health, which can lead to Alzheimer’s, cancer, fatigue, and even depression? Sleep is extremely important for all of us but it is even more so for the elderly. Here are few of the many benefits that seniors can enjoy with proper sleep:

  • Improved Energy: One of the most instant and obvious benefits of proper sleep is an increase in energy. By sleeping regularly, you are allowing your body to recharge and energize itself. However, it is important to not oversleep as this can leave you feeling tired as well. You will want to get around eight hours of sleep. This can help you wake up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day head first.

  • Better Moods: Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue and depression. When you do not have the energy to do the things you love, you can feel overwhelmed and stressed. This can eventually turn into depression. By sleeping properly, you will find that you are more capable of doing what you need on a daily basis, which can help you feel more productive and happier. True Faith Home Health Care LLC is a Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA that can also provide you with the helping hands you need.

  • Prevents Serious Health Conditions: Regular sleep can actually play a vital role in preventing numerous health conditions including Alzheimer’s and cancer. This is obviously a huge advantage that will ensure you can continue living the lifestyle you love into your golden years. Sleep does numerous things such as removing dangerous toxins that can deteriorate parts of our brain and producing melatonin, which has anti-oxidant properties known for shielding cells against damage. This means you will not have to rely on Skilled Nursing Services in Virginia.

Those are just a few of the many benefits that seniors can enjoy from proper sleep. We also offer numerous personalized services that can help boost your quality life, including compassionate and respectful Companion Care at your convenience.

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