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Venture into Gardening, You Will Reap Wonderful Benefits From It

Try to recall your last visit to the park. It sure is relaxing to be in the presence of lush greenery, isn’t it? The gentle sound of a breeze filtering through foliage is so soothing to the ears. You can almost feel the calmness seeping into your soul. The air smells a lot cleaner too! … Continue reading

Keep Turning the Page: Reading Has Numerous Benefits for You!

What was the last book you picked up? Or rather, when was the last time you picked up a book? If it has been a while, now is a good opportunity to start reading again. Books have been around for a long time. They contain culture, literature, and entertainment on almost every page. But that’s … Continue reading

6 Secrets in Making Home a Safer and Healthier Place for Granny

It is probably safe to say that for many, one’s home is the most secure place on earth. It is familiar, cozy, and houses the people that you deeply care for. It is where you take refuge and relax. This is also true for senior citizens. With their weaker physical and mental constitution, staying at … Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Sleep for Senior Citizens

Are you getting enough sleep? Did you know that not sleeping regularly and long enough can have serious and adverse effects on your health, which can lead to Alzheimer’s, cancer, fatigue, and even depression? Sleep is extremely important for all of us but it is even more so for the elderly. Here are few of … Continue reading