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Seniors Exercising For Good Health


Ever noticed how the more you work out or have physical activities, the more energy and focus you have to do the things you need and want to do? That is because our bodies are designed to engage in different physical activities. Muscle memory works in so many surprising ways that if we ever harness its purpose, it will only keep us stronger and even healthier when we give ourselves the chance to undergo the process of exercising. Our bodies can become such well-oiled machines that if you train to do any minor or major repeated activities, your body will learn to handle the pain and find a way to make you stronger.

Now, seniors can safely perform easy exercises with the supervision of our Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA so they can stay physically active even when they are at home.


Walking alone has so many health benefits, ranging from the reduction of heart diseases, improvement of balance and coordination to simply boosting one’s current mood. Here are the other benefits of walking at least 30 minutes a day:

  • Gets your heart pumping more blood for better blood circulation
  • Promote better sleep
  • Prevents obesity and chances of developing diabetes
  • Sun exposure activates the production of vitamin D in the body
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety promoting overall wellness

Chair Exercises

Given that the weather is not favorable for any walking, chair exercises can also be done with our Companion Care services so that your loved ones can continue strengthening their bones and muscles for balance and coordination.

  • Seated Toe Lifts
    Sit straight on a chair, feet planted firmly on the floor, raise toes and down, repeat 5 times and the gradually increase. This exercise improves toe and feet circulation and strength.
  • Standing Toe Lifts
    Choose a sturdy chair, stand behind chair and hold backrest firmly, then on your toes, tiptoe and hold position for 1-2 seconds, repeat 10 – 15 times, rest then repeat for another 10 – 15 times. This exercise strengthens the calves and ankles for better balance.

Logic Games

Whenever your senior does not want to go out for a walk or when the schedule calls for mental exercises, logic games help maintain their sharpness and give balance to their physical strengths and activities.

  • Board Games
    Battleship, chess, scrabble, charades, tangrams, dominoes, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles or any table games they can do while seated.
  • Device-based Games
    For technology-savvy seniors, logic games that monitory their performance can be downloaded on their gadget, or have these gadgets for supervised entertainment use.

Senior clients have their own individual health requirements that may be addressed by our Skilled Nursing Services in Virginia.

True Faith Home Health Care LLC may be able to help you out with your senior homecare needs. Call 703-310-7221 to speak with one of our homecare representatives and know how you can have your individualized homecare plans for your senior loved one.

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