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Post-Surgery Exercise Routines at Home


Is your family member finally recovering from their surgery? Whether they’re recovering in their location of care or in your home, remember to keep them active, especially on walking. Our team providing Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA can assist them in proceeding with these exercise routines.

Here are physical activities that are helpful to improve your loved one’s recovery program. Just remember not to leave them alone when they’re doing these exercises. If you’re not personally available to keep them company, there are experienced care providers who can. Consider the following mobility routines to help your recovering loved one, and these should be done aside from walking.

  • Leg strengthening
    Goal: Improve strength on thigh muscles
    To achieve this, let the patient sit comfortably on a chair with their feet flat on the floor. Let them lift one leg slowly until it’s straight, hold it for five seconds, and lower it slowly. Repeat this with the other leg and the whole routine for about five minutes.

  • Foot tapping
    Goal: Increase motion abilities of the ankle and improve blood circulation
    With the patient comfortably seated still with their feet flat on the floor, do tapping motions with the feet up and down. If it’s possible to raise the legs in doing so, it will be better. Repeat this routine for about five minutes.

  • Knee raising
    Goal: Increase the strength of their hip muscles
    With your loved one seated well on a chair, let their feet lie flat on the floor. Get them to lift one knee towards their chest, and the higher the better. Hold the position for about five seconds, and then slowly put the leg down. Repeat the activity with the other leg. Repeat the routine alternating with both legs.

  • Shoulder exercise
    Goal: Increase the movement in the shoulder and strengthen the shoulder muscles
    This routine is better performed while standing and both their arms at their side. Assist your patient to stand up comfortably. Lift one arm straight above their head, and then lower it again gently. Raise the other arm upwards. After relaxing in between, repeat the routine for about five minutes.

Before proceeding with any exercise routines, make sure that your loved one can get their clearance from their surgeons first. Their activities have to be properly regulated so that they can’t perform any strenuous activity. Aside from physical activities, ensure that your beloved is also being tended well with their wounds and other health needs at home. You can get help from providers of Skilled Nursing Services in Virginia.

When you’re seeking for this kind of assistance, don’t forget to inquire at True Faith Home Health Care LLC. We have a team of experienced care providers who can extend quality care to your loved one. If they also need Companion Care, we’re ready to assist their needs to make them comfortable at home as they recover completely. Feel free to ask us if you want to know more about our services.

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