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How Meditation Helps Seniors Relax


One of the best things we can all probably agree to is a worry-free atmosphere and some lasting peace of mind wherever we may go. If we enjoy dwelling in this kind of circumstance, then it is very likely that our senior loved ones will benefit from this positivity too, right?

Having mental peace can be achieved day by day through meditation. It is through meditation that the mind gets to a place of deep calmness and silence.

Listed below will be some key benefits to why meditation can help seniors relax at home, another positive reinforcement that will maximize their Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA.

To Relieve Anxiety

As we get older, we develop more concern for the things that happen to our families, our provisions, and most of all, to our own welfare. Though feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression often come along with aging, some due to constant worrying with questions like: “who will be there for me?” or “does my family still remember me?” These little questions that build up every day can be a solid source of mental and emotional stress, but with meditation, more positive feelings and emotion can overcome this state of anxiety when peace and clarity of thinking is realized.

Slow Down Advancement of Alzheimer’s techniques that calm one’s thoughts and slow down any constant worrying. Worrying is a source of stress and anxiety, not in any way beneficial for one’s mental health, but with meditation, seniors can help their bodies with good levels of oxygen (breathing exercises) and meditation to relax their minds, because what we feed our minds becomes our energy and affects how we react to things.

Have Better Disposition

When we achieve mental clarity or a huge sense of peace from within, we feel lighter and more productive. Imagine how it can change your senior’s disposition from constant worrying to spreading smiles and positivity wherever they may go.

If your senior loved one is new to meditation, here are some easy steps they can do at home with our Companion Care services so they can take a moment of their day to achieve mental clarity:

  1. Choose a spot where they can lie down or sit comfortably.
  2. Let them close their eyes and feel relaxed.
  3. With no effort to control their breathing, let them inhale and exhale naturally.
  4. Let them bring their focus on their breathing this time and let them consciously feel the movement of their bodies with each breath they take as the air fills their chests and gets exhaled out naturally. If their mind wanders off, let them focus back on their breathing.

Repeat this meditation practice starting at two to three minutes then gradually increase practice periods.

If you, too, wish to provide this heightened level of peace for your senior loved ones at home, please call True Faith Home Health Care LLC at 703-310-7221. We now accept Medicaid insurance and most major insurance plans and other modes of payment.

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