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Hemodialysis at Home: 5 Items to Take Note Of


Hemodialysis is the medical procedure of cleaning your body from wastes in the blood. Normally, this is the role of the kidney. When your kidney starts to malfunction due to illnesses, the task of screening wastes is no longer met. The hemodialysis treatment replaces this crucial process.

Performing a hemodialysis can be done in a kidney center or at home, with the assistance of providers of skilled nursing services in Virginia. If you have kidney problems that require you to have hemodialysis, and you choose to have the treatment at home, here are things to keep in mind:

  1. Types of home hemodialysis

    If you’re opting for home treatments, take note of what type of hemodialysis you would like to get.
    The three types of hemodialysis at home are the following:

    1. Conventional – treatment performed for three days every week that lasts for three up to four hours or longer
    2. Short daily – treatment is performed weekly for five to seven times
    3. Nocturnal – treatment performed every other night while the patient is asleep

  2. Technology
    The hemodialysis can be performed by state-of-the-art technology for more accurate and efficient result. When you request for home healthcare assistance, get to know if they have the technology for the procedure. A well-equipped treatment can give you peace of mind.
  3. When to know if it’s right for your own home?
    Since the hemodialysis is a technical and sensitive procedure, not all patients in their home can receive the treatment. If you want to have hemodialysis at home, your place has to be assessed if it can accommodate your needs in getting the treatment. For one, there should be a willingness on your part to undergo the treatment as required. Additionally, you need to have skilled companion care who can help you out in inserting the equipment.
  4. Home healthcare assistance
    If you prefer to receive this kidney treatment at home, it’s ideal for you to talk with home healthcare agencies. They have skilled nurses who can help evaluate your condition and perform the treatment in your place. Home healthcare agencies can also recommend further care options for you as you continue getting hemodialysis procedures.
  5. Expenses or insurance coverage
    The hemodialysis procedure is costly. When you choose to have this treatment in your home, you need to have adequate budget allocation. Most home healthcare agencies accept insurance from clients so you have to verify if your insurance is covering this particular home treatment.

The great advantage of getting hemodialysis at home is the level of independence and comfort you can integrate into the treatment. You can incorporate the treatment into your daily schedule of activities at home. If you want to know how home treatments can help you more, set an appointment with us at True Faith Home Health Care LLC. Let us help assess your situation so you can make an informed decision in this matter.

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