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Healthy Meal Tips from True Faith Home Health Care LLC


Preparing healthy meals for your loved ones at home is one of the helpful services we provide, especially if you have aging loved ones or family members with a disability. As a premier provider of Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA, we serve as your backup in providing care for your beloved when you need extra hands to do the chores or other errands at home.

In preparing nutritious and balanced meals for your family members, here are tips you can apply:

  • Apply variety in your food choices. A balanced meal is composed of five types of food, comprised of fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, and dairy products. When each food type is represented in every meal, you already have a balanced serving. Don’t forget to serve a sufficient amount of water as hydration is also essential in proper digestion.
  • In preparing for your varied foods, remember to watch out for your sodium ingredient, especially if the food is for your senior loved ones. Sodium content can trigger the increase of blood pressure level.
  • The result of healthy meals should be balanced with a good amount of physical exercise. Having someone to provide Companion Care can be helpful in doing regular activities. Walking or running even for about 30 minutes per day can already do so much in regulating muscle strength. It also helps process the sugar in the bloodstreams which have been generated from the food you ate.
  • Regulate the fat content of your meals, particularly the saturated fats, or those fats that come mainly from animal-based foods. Saturated fats can be deposited easily to form the fat tissue, which is then converted into bad cholesterol that clogs up blood vessels. To overcome this, serve with fruit-based fats to help absorb the animal-based fats and release them out of the body.
  • Increase your consumption of fiber-rich foods, such as whole grain and cereal. Fiber can also be found in many fruits and vegetables. When you eat these foods, you will feel that you’re full without having the need to consume other fatty foods.
  • Stay away from or drink in moderation sweetened beverages or energy drinks as well as alcoholic drinks. These types of drinks are considered to be high in energy and can entice the appetite to eat some more.
  • Always eat your breakfast. Missing on your breakfast can lead to a reduced supply of calcium, iron, dietary fibers, and necessary vitamins. Many schools have also observed that when the children eat breakfast, they’re able to deliver a better performance. Those who eat breakfast can also gain weight better. This goes the same for adults especially for their performance at work and in life.

Do you need extra help in preparing for healthy meals at home? Feel free to set an appointment with our well-trained and highly skilled team at True Faith Home Health Care LLC. Aside from meal preparation, we can also assist your needs on Skilled Nursing Services in Virginia.

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