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FAQs When Recovering at Home – Answered!


Do you have a family member about to recover from their surgery or treatments? You must be entertaining about getting some Skilled Nursing Services in Virginia to help them out. Here are frequent questions and their answers to enlighten you.

  • Question: What is expected of a patient when they’re recovering at home?
    Answer: Patients are expected to experience pain and discomfort in the early days of recovery. They’re also expected to follow through the treatment plans and comply with their doctor’s instructions. They can also get tired easily but this is just normal.

  • Question: How does their daily activity look like?
    Answer: Ensure that they can maintain a healthy routine so they can recover faster. In particular, make sure that they can eat healthy meals at specific periods, drink their medications if any, and sleep at least six straight hours each night.

  • Question: Are they allowed to take a bath? If so, how do they do it with their incision wounds still healing?
    Answer: Their doctor may allow them to bathe. When they do, just ensure that their incisions are treated gently and not be scrubbed. Use warm water when bathing.

  • Question: Should the patient weigh themselves?
    Answer: Yes. It’s vital that the patient is able to check the progress of their weight growth. They may be gaining too much or too little, and this can affect greatly with their recovery.

  • Question: Should the patient’s temperature be checked?
    Answer: Yes. In particular, you have to know that your patient is not acquiring any fever when they recover. In case they do, contact their doctor at once.

  • Question: What meal program should be followed?
    Answer: While appetite loss is normal for recovering patients, ensure that they can still be fed with nutritious food. You can seek assistance from providers of Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA in cooking healthy meals.

  • Question: What should they do about their medications?
    Answer: Their medications are important for their quick recovery, so make sure that they’re taking their pills on time and at the right dosage.

  • Question: How should you manage their pains?
    Answer: In most cases, the doctor will prescribe pain-relieving medication before the patient is discharged. Just follow the doctor’s instruction on pain medications. However, if their pain becomes intolerable even after treatment, contact their doctor immediately.

  • Question: What if the patient has swelling on some body parts?
    Answer: Swelling usually occurs on the legs, especially when the patient is not moving a lot. Encourage them to move around or assist them to it so they can relax their lower limbs.

Patients who are recovering at home don’t just save from hospital expenses, but can also get quality care from our team at True Faith Home Health Care LLC. If your loved one prefers to stay at home in the course of their recovery, give them this chance. Don’t hesitate to inquire to us about our services so that your loved one will gain better chances of recovering at home.

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