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During Your Patient Needs Assessment: What to Discuss with a Skilled Nurse


Do you have a patient at home? Has your family member been recently injured and is recuperating at home? Is your aging parent in need of professional health care assistance? What treatment is right for them? Getting treatments at home can be a difficult decision to make. Thankfully, nurses from our company which provides skilled nursing services in Virginia can help you make careful evaluations on making the right treatment decision. Nurses are especially skilled in communicating with patients and translating these needs into viable treatment options ideal for their conditions.

When you talk with our skilled nurses at True Faith Home Health Care LLC, we encourage you to discuss the following issues, which could help you in arriving at a preferable treatment option:

  • Difficult health decisions
    Patients or their primary family caregivers need to make difficult decisions for their or their loved one’s health. These decisions can include switching to another form of treatment, undergoing medical procedure or screening tests, or placing your loved one under home healthcare assistance or nursing facility, among others. When a nurse is assessing your health needs, make sure to inform them of what health decisions are difficult for you to make.
  • Advantages and disadvantages
    Every health decision will have its own advantages and disadvantages. When you talk with a nurse, make sure to let them discuss with you the pros and cons of a particular treatment. By doing so, you will have a better perspective on what health decision to pursue.
  • Feelings of uncertainty
    Arriving at a decision for your own or your loved one’s health can trigger feelings of uncertainty. This is a normal reaction especially if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the treatments available. When you relay this uncertainty in a needs assessment discussion, your nurse can answer questions that would relieve you of uncertainty.
  • Issues on expenses
    Another major concern in deciding for a health treatment is the issue of expenses. If the patient doesn’t have sufficient funding for the treatment, they will tend to opt for non-treatment at all. During the patient needs assessment, relay with your healthcare provider your concern in this crucial issue. They might be able to recommend state-approved insurance options available for you and your condition.
  • People involved in healthcare decision
    Your health assessor, who is usually a skilled nurse, will also need to know who will be the people affected by your health condition and impending treatment. It would help to identify if you have family members who can help you out in complying with the treatments. Knowing the people who can be affected by your health decision can help you stand on a choice you will make after the assessment.

The patient needs assessment is a vital talk between patients and skilled nurses from healthcare agencies. The discussion can lead to ideal treatment options that will help improve the patient’s living conditions.

If you’re anxious about the current health state of your loved one at home, we can help assess your patient’s health needs. Aside from skilled nursing services, we can also provide you with services for non-medical home care in Fredericksburg, VA. Give us a call today.

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