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6 Secrets in Making Home a Safer and Healthier Place for Granny


It is probably safe to say that for many, one’s home is the most secure place on earth. It is familiar, cozy, and houses the people that you deeply care for. It is where you take refuge and relax. This is also true for senior citizens. With their weaker physical and mental constitution, staying at home will preserve their strength and stabilize their health.

Being at home is most recommended for baby boomers. However, the same does not mean that no mishaps can ever happen. To allow them to live a happy and comfortable seniority, necessary changes must be done in their individual homes. Here are some that True Faith Home Health Care LLC suggests:

  • Call for a home assessment.

    One of the first things that you should secure is a thorough home assessment. This is usually performed by home care institutions. Experts are sent to your aged loved one’s home to identify danger-prone areas and what should be done to improve their homestay.

  • Improve indoor lighting.

    With blurry vision comes great dangers. The human eye is very reliant in good light sources in order to optimally function. Since most baby boomers have degenerating eyesight, their entire house’s light system should be improved. Aside from choosing bright illuminations, opening up strategic ventilation will be helpful too.

  • Make structure modifications.

    There are house designs that are attractive and practical for young ones but no longer for elders. For example, modern houses have smaller entryways to save indoor space but it will pose difficulty for the golden-aged citizens. In connection with suggestion number one, consult with architects and interior designers to concretize the perfect senior-friendly abode.

  • Remove unnecessary objects.

    Small things can mean gigantic troubles for seniors. When things like throw rugs and figurines lie around the living room randomly, the same can easily cause baby boomers to slip and fall. With just one abrupt moment, your granny might be spending days again being hospitalized.

  • Fire-proof the house.

    One of the most common indoor accidents are house fires. Common triggers include faulty cooking wares, loose wires, and the malfunctioning of electronic gadgets. To prevent the spread of fire in case it happens, install reliable smoke detectors.

  • Provide means of communication in times of emergency.

    While telephones are still effective means of communication, it is somewhat outdated already. Provide them with smartphones instead and teach them how to use it.

Along our many years of serving as a Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA, we have continued to strive hard to give each of our clients the best service they deserve. To achieve customer satisfaction, we constantly train our staff members to be responsive, keen, and most of all, compassionate. We make sure that every patient is treated with love and respect.

Aside from home care and ADL assistance, we also offer Skilled Nursing Services in Virginia. To know more about our service offerings, feel free to connect with us. Please click “Contact Us” for more details!

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