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5 Ways to Prevent Rapid Cognitive Decline

5 Ways to Prevent Rapid Cognitive Decline

Cognitive and memory decline is common among older adults. Though this phenomenon is simply taken for granted, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. In fact, your health habits determine the longevity of your cognition as you age.

Here are some quick tips and facts you probably didn’t know about preventing cognitive decline:

  1. Remember to exercise
    Did you know that physical decline equals cognitive decline? Regular physical activity is linked to reduced cognitive decline and a reduced risk of dementia. Exercise is truly a bare minimum in keeping one’s health in check.
  2. Be socially active
    Spending quality time with friends and family is always a precious and rewarding activity. But did you know that aside from the warmth and emotional support one can receive from this, being socially active helps maintain your cognitive abilities? A study showed that socially active older adults have a lesser rate of cognitive decline than inactive ones by 70%.
  3. Keep learning
    An active brain keeps dementia away! Just like the body, the brain needs exercise as well. It’s important to keep yourself mentally active through simple activities such as learning new things, answering complicated puzzles, or reading books.
  4. Quit smoking and minimize alcohol
    It goes without saying that both smoking and drinking have harmful effects on our health. Smoking leads to a higher risk of developing dementia, while excessive alcohol intake may cause alcohol-related brain damage such as Korsakoff’s syndrome and alcoholic dementia.
  5. Have a brain-friendly diet
    Of course, your diet plays a part in this as well. Consider adding leafy greens, beans and legumes, whole grains and food rich in omega-3 to your diet. These are known to help lessen the chances of acquiring Alzheimer’s.

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