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5 Seemingly Safe Habits That Actually Destroy Dentures


Growing older will pose many struggles. One of the defining struggles is the loss of teeth. Upon hitting sixties or more, the body’s calcium deposit depletes faster resulting to weaker and more brittle teeth. Thankfully, dentures are developed. If not, then chewing food would have been very difficult for most seniors.

For those who have it, dentures are like soulmates – life is incomplete without them. Aside from its mechanical utility in helping you to eat, it also helps the user speak clearly. Since it is extremely useful, dentures should be properly taken care of. And considering its price, any damage to it will definitely hurt your purses.

To have a lasting denture, one should start avoiding the following:

  • Teeth grinding.

    Teeth grinding is often an unintentional habit to many. However, this does not mean that the habit cannot be stopped. With the help of experts, this can be controlled. Otherwise, the continuous crash of teeth against each other could eventually cause cracks and breakage.

  • Drinking carbonated and sweetened beverages.

    Sodas and other carbonated drinks are high in sugar. Unfortunately, sugar and teeth are not the best of friends. The former depletes the enamel coating of the other. The chemical effects of the drinks may not be immediate but in the long run, serious teeth and gum damages can be dealt with.

  • Ice chewing.

    Though it may not seem like it, ice is a very hard object for the teeth. According to the dental experts’ estimate, it may be as hard as a rock! Imagine? In order to break the ice, the facial muscles will exert strong pressure in order to break the same. If this is done regularly, the teeth may succumb to the pressure and crumble during the impact. Plus, the extreme temperature of the ice may cause sensitivity to the teeth and gums.

  • Tongue piercings.

    If your grannies are still actively using their tongue piercing, it’s highly suggested that they should no longer wear them. Though the metal is attached to the tongue, the tendency of which touching and clashing against the teeth is high. The impact of which can easily cause teeth breakage and gum wounds.

  • Cigarette smoking.

    According to countless researchers, it has been traced that smoking affects the body’s calcium preservation. This is primarily the reason why teeth get weaker. In addition to which, the tobacco can cause teeth stains, gum infection, and dry mouth. Tell your grandparents to shift to a healthier lifestyle.

For seniors, teeth are not the only portion of their body that requires attention and care. They will need overall help to survive daily. From waking up to going back to bed, having someone to support them will definitely make things better! If you know someone in need of Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA, True Faith Home Health Care LLC is always here to help!

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