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5 Powerful Ways to Care for Your Senior Loved One’s Skin


The aging years can take its toll on our skin. You can see this happening in your beloved elderly family member. However, the aging skin will continue to need proper care as it is characterized by dryness and sensitivity. Without the right amount of care, your loved one’s skin condition may get infected or wounded, which can complicate their health conditions in the long run.

As your partner in providing Non-Medical Home Care in Fredericksburg, VA, we would like to share with you helpful ways that you can exhibit adequate care to your aging loved one’s skin. Read along.

  1. Consume nutritious foods
    The food you eat can show in your skin no matter how old you get. When you eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, their effects on your skin will be glowing and youthful. Fruits and vegetables contain such elements, including antioxidants, which can help fight off free radicals that seek to damage the cells. Aside from these, eat fatty fishes also as their omega-3 fatty acids can provide a shield to the cells, protecting them from harm against outside attackers.
  2. Stay hydrated
    The amount of water you drink can help facilitate smooth digestion as well as flush toxins out of the body. When your aging loved one is hydrated always, their skin can look radiant.
  3. Apply sun protection
    Under a very hot weather, your loved one’s skin can be harmed by the ultra-violet rays of the sun. These rays can even lead to the development of skin cancer. To protect your senior loved one’s skin, apply sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 15. In addition, let them wear loose but comfortable clothes to help them withstand the heat if ever they need to be outdoors longer. Let them also wear wide-brimmed hats to shield their face from the sun’s UV rays.
  4. Apply humidifier indoors
    Under a very cold weather, the dry skin of your aging loved one can even be drier. This can result in cracking or redness on their skin. With the humidifier on, moisture in the air can be produced and your loved one’s skin can re-adjust to the warmer temperature.
  5. Apply skin moisturizers
    Moisturizers can help relax your aging loved one’s skin. Choose the products that have natural ingredients, especially those with vitamins A and E. Since the skin of an elderly person is typically dry, the moisturizer helps soften it, thus protecting it from cracks or any skin breakouts due to dryness.

In caring for your aging parent’s skin, our team providing Skilled Nursing Services in Virginia can also help you out. It doesn’t need to have very expensive products so their skin can look glowing and youthful. They only need to take in healthy elements so that the results can show in their complexion.

At True Faith Home Health Care LLC, we don’t just provide personal care services, but we also extend Companion Care for your loved one’s overall well-being.

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